Maldives Traditional cuisine

Maldives Local cuisine is based on the traditions of Indian and, in part, the Arab culinary traditions. Widely used rice, seafood and various spices and spicy seasonings. Smoked, dried and boiled fish used in most traditional dishes. The basis of food - boiled tuna with rice, seasoned with different sauces (in the first place - coconut curry) and pepper, as well as "hikimas" - dried and smoked fish. Also good with fish cake, coconut and onion "badges" fish cake "coolies borkiba", a traditional fish soup and rice "Garuda", meatballs tuna with coconut "rumble", baked fish with chili paste "fihunu mas, rolls fried fish Kimia, fish pate, rihaukuru, fried fish with pepper and garlic "teluli May, etc.

Meat, mostly - chicken, used only on holidays or in special dishes. For the most rice is used in all variations - cooked in coconut milk, various vegetables, peppers, all the same fish or marine arthropods, as well as banana, papaya, mango, pumpkin, sweet potatoes and breadfruit. Chief dessert - coconut in all forms, as well as sweet dishes of rice and fruit. Widely used coconut milk, various puddings, vegetable and fruit salads and pastries. The main beverage - tea, used with a lot of milk and sugar. Black tea is found to be rare, but there are everywhere, the locals just are not accustomed to drink it. Becoming increasingly common for coffee, mostly - in Arabic, but like all imported products it is quite expensive. In the heat of a very good juices, local sweet milk "sarbat Cyrus 'sweet toddy' time," drink "Sudzha and low-alcohol beverage" GAA "of the palm of fermented milk.


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