Maldives Traditions

Maldives Religion: the majority Sunni Muslim.

In accordance with the Muslim lunar calendar, the religious holidays fall on different dates.
  • January 1 - New Year's.
  • beginning of January - Eid al-Fitr (end of Ramadan fasting or Rorda Mac ").
  • March - Eid al-Kebir (Day of Sacrifice).
  • beginning of April - Islamic New Year.
  • June 4-5 - National Day of Maldives.
  • June 15 - Mouloud (Milad Al Nabi, Prophet's Birthday).
  • July 6-7 - National holiday, dedicated to the expulsion of the Portuguese occupation in 1573
  • 26-27 July - Independence Day, the feast of the Declaration of Independence of the Maldives in 1965
  • 11-12 November - Republic Day.
  • September 1 - Day Huravi.
  • October 28 - Day of the martyrs.
  • November 3 - Victory Day.
  • November 9 - Day of the victims.
  • November 11-12 - the third day of adoption of the Constitution of the Maldives.
  • December 25-26 - Christmas.
  • Friday in the Maldives - a day off.

    To get to the "do not travel the island, you will need a special permit from the Ministry of Atolls Administration, which indicated the name of the islands or island groups (important for traveling alone), for which you want to have a passport that indicate the purpose, time of visit, name of the island or atoll and provide proof of the existence of places to live. For group visits such permits are issued through a travel agency. Landing on a tourist island, living in another place, is permitted only with the consent of the administration of the island (the hotel). At the same time to be on this island is only allowed until 6 pm.

    Prohibited use of alcohol in public places (outside the resort).

    It is strongly recommended to use protective creams, and in the early days of rest always wear hats and sun limited amount of time - it is easy to "burn" even with cloudy weather. Furthermore, even encouraged to swim in a T-shirt - solar radiation easily penetrates into the surface layer of water. During normal diving and swimming should closely monitor the surrounding environment - coral arrays have fairly sharp edges, and many sea creatures are poisonous. Particularly dangerous are sea urchins, some marine predators. Little blood-sucking insects, but in the evening still need to use repellents. At night the air is practically immobile, so feel stuffy. Change the time of day is typical for equatorial regions - morning and evening lasted almost 15 minutes, no more, and immediately begins a bright day with a hot sun.

    Environmental issues on the islands are of paramount importance. Most tourist is given a special garbage bags, and your garbage in these bags should be removed from the islands. Therefore it is strongly recommended to carefully monitor the implementation of environmental procedures and follow the instructions of the hotel, another possible large fines and even deportation. Spearfishing and unauthorized fishing is prohibited, forbidden to lift from the bottom of the sea corals (and live and dead), shells and other sea creatures. Violation levied heavy fines. The country has one of the largest markets in the region selling sea shells, corals and exotic marine animals, so you can buy these gifts, without violating local laws. In the hotels freely organize all types of marine fishing, the same individual fish also punishable.

    Schools are usually equipped with diving all the necessary equipment. All activities associated with scuba diving, are controlled by highly qualified instructors (there are Russian-speaking). Equipment for scuba diving, training PADI, of solitary and group scuba diving, rent a motor boat or helicopter to be paid separately. Transportation to the dive is usually done yachts or dive boots, with a change in the shallow-draft boats "Doni" for the passage between the reefs, so often it takes quite a long time. Diving outside the reef should be conducted only under the supervision of local trainers, as well as the nature of ocean currents off the shelf zone sufficiently unpredictable. Night diving in the Maldives are organized quite rare because of strong currents and unpredictable sea creatures. To bathe in the open sea is also not recommended.
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