Maldives Transport

Maldives Almost all tourists visiting the island, come here by plane. Malé International Airport is located on the island Hulule, at a distance of 1 km (10 min drive to the national boat "Dhoni") from the capital of Maldives - Male. On the islands there is no regular transport. The airline "Air Maldives" makes regular flights only to a few remote islands. Hotels provide the tourists shuttle boat Dhoni (speed of 7 knots per hour), speed boats, helicopters or airplanes of water, which bring tourists to the most remote corners of the country. Resting on one of the islands, you can always rent a Dhoni or a speed boat.

Any Maldivian island can be crossed for 1,5 - 2 hours. Bicycles and motorcycles the most popular forms of ground transportation. For movement on the male working taxi. Price of one trip in any direction is worth 10 rufy. In the male and the other major islands can rent a car.


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