Description Novgorod, Russia

Novgorod, Russia Velikiy Novgorod - one of the oldest Russian towns, the real treasure of national culture and art. It is impossible to imagine the history of Russia without Novgorod. No wonder people say: "Novgorod - father, Kiev - the mother, and Moscow - the heart of Russian towns". History of Novgorod the Great more than 1200 years. For the first time chronicles mention it in 859. Due to its advantageous geographical location, the city developed as a trading center of ancient Russia and amassed fabulous wealth. In the XII-XV centuries Novgorod - the capital of the Novgorod feudal republic, the largest public education of medieval Europe.

Veliky Novgorod is located on the north - west European part of Russia on the way from St. Petersburg to Moscow, 180 km from Saint-Petersburg and 606 kilometers from Moscow.

No other Russian city has survived so many monuments of architecture, painting and applied art X-XVII centuries. Since 1992, all monuments of Novgorod under the protection of UNESCO as a World Cultural Heritage.

You can visit the Novgorod Kremlin, emerged in the X century, stone chronicle of Novgorod; Sophia Cathedral (1045-1050), the northern gem of Russian architecture, which might open your secret Dove, for several centuries, frozen at a central gold dome of the cathedral; Yuriev Monastery (1030), founded by Yaroslav the Wise, the world-famous Church of Transfiguration on Ilin Street - the only church in the world, preserved for posterity the unique frescoes of Theophanes the Greek, the St. Anthony Monastery (1106), based, according to legend, Antonio Roman, miraculously came in Novgorod on a piece of rock ( "floating" stone lies on the very spot where he went to Anthony); Novgorod to see the famous collection of icons and an amazing and unparalleled monument to the Millennium of Russia, who tells about the famous heroes of the past. You have an opportunity to visit the Museum of Wooden Architecture "Vitoslavlitsy" and take part in folk festivals and ceremonies, a ride on a boat to the origins of the Volkhov - Lake Ilmen hear the carillon bells, get acquainted with the Novgorod craftsmen, revived the ancient craft.

Novgorod attracts the attention of numerous domestic and foreign tourists. City favorably located on the route between St. Petersburg (180 km) and Moscow (500 km).

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