Description Verbier, Switzerland

Six alpine villages and four of the valley, about 400 km well prepared trails, open spaces, ski Eldorado with natural jumps, 250 days of sunshine a year, equipped with the latest fashion special snowboard parks and boundless snow Riviera off-piste skiing - in such luxurious settings offers you find a plot for your holiday region Verbier.

And there are still many interesting details to experienced skiers. For example, this: Glacier of Mont Fort (3330 m) held a special event for lovers of all sorts of extreme. All areas Skating linked sound system lifts. In addition, there is a special route that connects the Four Valleys region of Zermatt and Chamonix. The resort is relatively young, but, according to international experts, ranked fourth among the largest ski "stadium" of the world. The local mountain scenery is not just handsome, he is still, perhaps, is the "titular" in the Alps - is visible to the whole chain from the Bernese Oberland Jungfrau and the Matterhorn, in the West - Mont Blanc, in the south - Grand-Combe. Particularly impressive panorama opens from the Mont-Handicap. And just as they say the patriots of these places, from here you can see more than 50 Four-Alpine. Nearest airports: Geneva (170 km), Zurich (300 km).

Naturally, the most experienced skiers drawn to the Mont-Fort. And rightly so. It starts out in many ways unique racing line "Cake" (length 5 km, vertical drop - 1280 meters). Not so experienced, but all sufficiently confident skiers can recommend the regions of Le Ruiner and Lac de Vaud. Comfortable tracks - "red" slopes on the Kohl-de-Zhentyane and the Mont-Fort along lifts Glacier 1 and 2. But the beginner is better to find a resort simpler. But for those who already have some experience, here expanse: the route of average complexity is mainly here just to complex slope, relief predictable and comfortable. The most scenic route - those that come from the village Tillon (2000 m) to Meyns de Lehr and Veysonaza. They are places in coniferous forests. Each of the villages, the resort has its own skiing area where they can test their talents and beginners, and those who want to work primarily on their technical skills in a relaxed environment, sometimes under the guidance of an experienced mentor.

On virgin can ride in the crabapples, La Marenaza, Kohl de Mina and other places, all in six zones skating, but - attention! - Only with an instructor. Off Piste in Verbier is worth it: 15-km descent from the Mont Fort glacier in the valley of Le Shabla, hills in Bruson, comfortable slopes in the sectors of Grand and Banana Paradise - only a small portion of total diversity.

Snowboarders: 3 fan park, trail Boarder Cross.

**** The most comfortable hotels are located in Verbier. There is a *** in other villages. But in the main house in the Four valley provides chalets and residences. Their rustic architectural style and the unique atmosphere of the village of comfort for some reason does not disappear, despite the fact that inside the chalets are equipped with no less than hotels, construction sites. Total area takes in the high season up to 45000 people.

Four of the Valley - the area is very sporty. Are often held launches of various sports competitions, but the guests of the resort the most popular "race for the moon", which take place in a fan park in Les Essert. Many people are attracted here paragliding. For those who prefer to have firm ground under their feet, Verbier Sport Center offers many opportunities to stretch their muscles and relax. Lovers of hiking will find many interesting objects. This ancient churches, chapels, mills, blacksmith shops, huts. In Nendaze there are mineral springs. But the red and white wines of local origin are no less useful. Especially in combination with the fondue, which serves all of the many restaurants of the resort.

This mountain resort is located in the heart of one of the world's largest Four Valleys skiing area, which brings together route Verbier (Verbier, 1500 m), Veyzona (Veysonnaz, 1400 m), Chion (Thyon, 2000 m) and Nand (Nendaz, 1365 m) that a total of around 400 km of slopes and 100 lifts (which is a single "ski pass"). Verbier - the most dedicated Swiss ski resort, offering all the possibilities for improving skating technique. He is very fond of young people who are an excellent skiing attracts nightlife of the resort. Verbier is open year round, summer at the disposal of his guests - about 30 kilometers of existing routes.

Beginner is best to stay in La Tsuman (La Tzoumaz, 1500 m) or Chion (Thyon, 2000 m), where some stations set simple lines.

Skiers average hand, has not yet reached the peaks of skill, the best ski areas in the Lac-de-In (Lac des Vaux, 2546 m) and Les Ruinete (Les Ruinattas, 2200 m). Good and district Savoler (Savoleyres, 2354 m), it is the least loaded. Slopes in Bryuzon (Bruson, 1080 m) suitable for those who do not like too much risk.

Professionals recommend the area riding of Mont Fort (Mont Fort, 3330 m) with a "black" route Torten (Tortin), as well as district Les Attel (Les Attelas). Interesting descent by cable car Zhentian (Gentianes). Devices that connect areas of riding, rather complex, so inexperienced skiers better to avoid them. There are many areas for skiing off-piste and for "extreme". In Veyzone, which stages the World Cup, for experienced skiers there is a very interesting "red" trail. In general, Verbier - the perfect place for "advanced riding", additionally offers good opportunities for beginners and snowboarders. Territory skating is almost boundless.

Period Skating:
Mid-November - late April

Number of trails:
35 blue, 55 red, 10 black

Total length of trails:
410 km

Vertical drop:
1500 - 3300 m

Number of lifts:
98 (12 cabin, 10 gondola, 27 chairlifts, 49 drag-lifts)


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