Description Bangkok, Thailand

Bangkok - an ideal place for an exotic and active recreation. Out - of the many river channels of the city called the "Venice of the East". Bangkok - a name that often flies from the lips of foreigners themselves as Thais call the city "Krung Thep Maha Nakhon", which means "City of Angels and the great capital," Well, the full name of the capital consists of more than 150 letters and recorded in Book Guinness as the longest city name in the world.
Every year, millions of tourists visit Bangkok and businessmen. They are attracted by the beautiful palaces and temples with Buddhist shrines, exciting excursions, parks with exotic animals and plants, nightlife and, of course, shopping.

Numerous restaurants and snack bars, bars, taverns and cafes and leave no one indifferent. They are widely represented not only a national cuisine, but cuisine of almost all nations of the world. Most Bangkok shops, boutiques, youth centers and sports fashion, souvenir and gift shops, large and small wholesale markets to satisfy absolutely all customers - from demanding, which is important for brand and product image, to medium for optimum combination of price and quality.

Bangkok - a city that never sleeps. From nine o'clock until two o'clock in the morning it boils nightlife, and some of the popular clubs work even before seven o'clock in the morning. Nightlife Patpong district is adjacent to the Shiloh Street business district. There are dozens of different bars with evening shows, clubs, discos and massage parlors.

Located on the banks of the largest river in Thailand - Chao Phrayi, a few kilometers from the Gulf of Thailand, Bangkok stretches across the flat plain and is literally littered by small rivers and canals.


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