Sights Krabi, Thailand

The most beautiful beaches of Krabi province - is the secluded beach of Raleigh and most popular - Ao Nang. Raleigh cut off from the mainland cliffs and sheltered from the sea a huge mountain with a beautiful lagoon inside, so get to it can only by boat or Thai pie. Beach Ao Nang is very popular among surfers, and it includes a large number of hotels, bungalows, diving centers and restaurants.

Krabi province attracts the attention not only ordinary tourists, but also lovers of mountaineering. The sea is strewn with numerous green islands with sheer cliffs and caves, and in addition to turquoise lagoons, soft beaches and palm trees, it makes an unforgettable impression on everyone who visited here. Krabi is popular among windsurfers.

For tourists will be interesting sightseeing Krabi. This national parks Than Bokkharani, Khao Phanom Bencha; caves Tham Phra Nang Nok, Tham Sua.

Cave Tham Sua is also known as "Tiger Cave" because of the traces, resembling the traces of the tiger. The cave was constructed monastery, which is one of the most interesting monasteries in southern Thailand. The main attraction of the temple - it is 1272 steps in the cliff of limestone, leading to the footprints of the Buddha.

To the east of Krabi is the Temple Wat Klong Tom, who is also a museum where collected ancient stones, bronze tools, coins, pottery, whose age exceeds 500 years.

Crab conducted fascinating marine tours, national parks and mangrove forests, visits to hot springs and waterfalls.

In the vicinity of Krabi are many archaeological sites, it is believed that these places are one of the oldest settlements of local people in Thailand. Krabi has become famous and one of three world-renowned shell sediments age 75 million years, called the graveyard of seashells Su San Hoi.


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