Thailand Traditional cuisine

Thailand Thai cuisine is largely influenced by two factors - climate and culture, although a great role to play and the history of this country, emigration, invasion. Greatly influenced by China, Burma and Cambodia. The moderate climate allows you to gather here for two and even three crops annually, and all sorts of herbs growing all year round. Perhaps it is the local abundance may be explained by the phenomenon of absence in the Thai concept of "hunger". And the fact that the religion of most Thais - Buddhism, restrictions in the diet there are few. Thais use in your kitchen, all types of meat in a large number of fish, as well as many vegetables and fruits. Thai people highly value their traditions and culture. They are proud of their national dishes and love to entertain guests. The streets and canals lined with patches of Thai cities and carts, bicycles and boats, trading in a variety of snacks. In Thailand are very fond of parties and celebrations, while they are busy and winding festivals necessarily serves carefully prepared dishes in a traditional sign of respect for their customs and traditions. Guests are served without interruption trays of appetizers, dishes with exotic fruits and Thai beer or a local whiskey. On the table all the dishes served at once, so the hostess can enjoy dinner with the guests. In Thai cuisine with pride, beautiful and hot meals are drawn. Vegetables for garnish Cut into very carefully, of different shapes. Intricate designs and artistic performance - an integral part of Thai cuisine.

Everyday dishes are very dependent on weather, season, from harvest and from the vagaries of rainy seasons. Thai people treat food seriously, selects only the freshest ingredients with a delicate flavor and texture. One of the main product is rice, and garnish it and the main dish, and it is served for dessert. Food for a simple Thai Khao means, ie Fig. All the rest - vegetables, fish, meat - Thai called "Khao cap", which translates as: "what is eaten with rice. Coconut occupies almost the same central place. Thai food varies in different regions, depending on the available products. If you want to cook can substitute certain ingredients or spices according to taste, keeping only the main order of preparation. For example, many recipes pork is replaced by chicken or shrimp.

But there are products that are sure to have all Thai homes. This is a coconut, lime, rice, chillies, garlic, lemon grass (lemon grass), ginger and coriander. In all Thai dishes to strike a balance, all the extreme tastes harmoniously balanced in each dish for all meals.


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