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UAE The import of printed and video-production of an erotic nature, and capable of offending the religious feelings of Muslims, or be perceived as unfriendly to the state. First of all, it refers to magazines or videos, even with elements of the most innocent, according to Russia's standards, erotica, custom representatives may temporarily confiscate imported videotapes or printed materials. Strictly controlled the importation of alcoholic beverages (2 liters. Wine, 2 liters. Spirits, and in Sharjah - only 1 bottle of something or other), tobacco products (2000 cigarettes or 400 cigars or 2 kg of tobacco), perfume and cologne ( 150 g). The import of alcoholic beverages in the UAE nationals are generally prohibited. Drugs and weapons are prohibited. And regardless of where drug use (for example, still in Russia prior to departure), if their traces are found in the medical examination in the UAE, say, by reason of detention in a state of intoxication, then the verdict will be, and for appearing in public drunk and for drug use. Officially, alcoholic drinks are served at restaurants and bars at the airport or hotels (a bottle of beer costs about 3 USD). Any currency can be imported and exported without any restrictions.


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