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UAE Undoubtedly, the majority of tourists coming to the UAE for commercial purposes. But in addition to excellent facilities for trade and business, the country can boast, and others, no less attractive moments. The main property of the UAE - is the bright sun 360 days a year and the warm clear sea, captivating landscapes of desert oases and the zones of red sand, "quiet" wadis (dry river estuaries) and multimeter dunes, rocky peaks of the array al-Hajar, a few lakes volcanic origin and a fantastic color palette of the landscape. The climate allow for travel by sea even in the midst of winter. Coral reefs attract its flora and fauna of the underwater world and the Persian Gulf is famous for its golden sands and exceptional water clarity. Most modern hotels on the beach offer tourists comfortable hotel pools and beaches, equipped with all necessary. Of interest are the numerous markets and free trade zones, which are considered among the most "rich" on the coast of the Persian Gulf.

Abu Dhabi ( "the father of a gazelle", Arab.) - The largest of seven emirates (66% of the UAE). Consists of the Emirate of Abu Dhabi city, performing the functions of the capital of the country, and the oasis city of Al Ain (140 km. From Abu Dhabi) and Lebanon (245 km.). In these places people have lived 4 thousand years ago, as indicated by the numerous archaeological finds. Of course the settlement of Abu Dhabi was founded on the island in 1761 around the source of fresh water and up to 1966 represented only a small cluster of houses with wind towers and tents of nomads. Now it is an ultramodern city with a perfectly straight streets, many buildings to a wide range of architecture and an abundance of fountains (over 90) and green that for a certain water shortages in the region admirable.

Up to the present day from the old city was preserved only the old fort of Al-Husn, also known as Old Fort or the White (XIX cent.), Built in time to protect the source. Today it is available documentation and research center in the region. Gijón - an abundance of mosques. From anywhere in town you can see multiple whimsically decorated with minarets, located directly in the business districts and numerous parks.

Quay fountains Corniche Road, which is some 10 km. - Popular place for walking and leisure tourists and local residents. In fact, this is a big park, which offers a variety entertainment and most of the fountains of the capital, including the most famous - "The seven emirates (" Coffee ")," Swans, "" Volcano, "" pearl ", etc. From the West embankment adjacent to the "watershed" - the focus of many restaurants and fairs. Nearby is a specially reconstructed shipyard, which made the Arab boats "dou". Near the coast are building an artificial island Lu-Lu ( "Pearl") with a water park, linked to the Abu Dhabi underwater tunnel. Be sure to see the palace of Sheikh Al-Dzharaf or visit on the island of Sir Bani Jaz, converted through the efforts of Sheikh Zayed Al Nahyan in a unique natural reserve, where free live many kinds of rare and endangered animals. To the south-west of Abu Dhabi begins hilly ridge of high dunes Rub al-Khali, one of the most harsh and arid places on Earth.

Located in the International Exhibition Center in Al-Musaffa cultural and ethnographic heritage of the village of Umm al-Nar reproduces the traditional way of life and way of life, and on holidays and weekends numerous ethnographic groups demonstrate here the national songs and dances. Cultural Center of the City Cultural Institute is located on 14 hectare area between the streets of Hamdan and Al-Nasser. Here are the National Library, Institute of Culture and the Arts, numerous art workshops and exhibitions. Every day here is the set of events, exhibitions and concerts.

The pride of the city are its hotels, which are concentrated the majority of cultural entertainment and sporting capital. All of them are built in modern buildings and is world famous for its luxurious interiors and level of service, as well as provide additional services - most of them are situated in the galleries, restaurants, dive centers, courts, gyms and shops.

Numerous open markets ( "bitches") with the usual assortment of goods in this region are scattered throughout Abu Dhabi. Among them are particularly interesting maze series of "old" Hamdan Suk, the Iranian Suq in the free port zone, Central New Souk in Zayed Second Street near the hotel "Holiday Inn, Green Market between the streets of Al-Nasser and Istiglyal, as in the famous" Market Carpet "(The Afghan bazaar) at the Mina Port Road just hits a huge selection of carpets with traditional Arabic patterns and Afghan handmade carpets. Virtually all city streets turned into a real shopping arcade where you can find almost everything, and an extensive network of supermarkets will provide all imaginable and unimaginable products and services.

Al Ain is situated 160 km. east of Abu Dhabi, almost on the border with Oman. Is the main town of the large and fertile oasis, known as the Buraimi. It survived several old forts - Al-Cahit (1898, now is a rich museum of Al-Ain), East (1910), Muraidzhib (1830g.), Maziyad (XIX cent.), Etc. In the north of the oasis is the area Healy, where the hot springs and the main historical sightseeing of the country - the so-called "Great Tomb Healey, whose age is estimated at 3-4 thousand years. Near the tomb stretches public park Healy with this ice skating rink and an amusement park Fan City and slightly to the north - Ayn Fayyad Park, Zoo and Aquarium Al-Ain. Nearby is the highest point in the country - Jebel Hafeet, which opens from the top of the majestic panorama of the surroundings.

The Emirate of Dubai ( "locusts hatched from larvae, Arab.) Situated on the coast of the Persian Gulf - the largest transport and shopping site of the Middle East. The emirate are a major port complex, more than 160 of the most fashionable hotels, an incredible number of shops, restaurants and entertainment establishments.

Dubai City is divided bay of Khor Dubai (Creek) at three large area - the Jumeirah beach area, the northern business district of Deira and the Southern District Bar in Dubai, where the Emir's palace, the head offices of most companies and banks, as well as the port. The best way to start discovering the city - is a walk through the lagoon in a boat "abara", which will see the ultra-modern architecture of the city, not plunging into the street crowds and heat. Interesting old Arab buildings Bastakiya district, the old quarters of Deira, ancient wind towers in the market area and Shindaga, modern wind towers of Government House, watch towers and Burj Nahar Burj Shindaga, Deira Tower (Tower Deira), Dubai Museum in Fort Al Fahidi (1787), Palace of Sheikh Zayed (Said, XIX century.), the Historical Museum Village ( "Village of Heritage) and Village dive for pearls in the Shindaga, as well as the ethnographic village of Al-boom in the southern part of the Park Creek Side. Gijón - 39-storey building of the Dubai International Trade Center (DWTC, 1979), which houses the offices of major trading companies, a great viewing platform and held the largest trade shows in the country. Once a year, Dubai has become the venue for the world's largest shopping festival, which attracts more than 2 million visitors. No less interesting is the unique building of the highest hotel of the world - Burj al-Arab, which because of its luxurious finishes lead the whole tour.

Dubai is famous for its many mosques, among which are especially interesting Jumeirah Mosque (1979), Ibrahim Al-Khalil Mosque, Rashid Hospital and the Grand Mosque with a 70-meter minaret next to the Old Market. Markets and bazaars in the city are numerous. The most interesting bazaar Gold ( "Gold bitches"), shopping arcade area Karam, Nasser Square, the Old Market or Spice Souk Street Old Balyadiya, Deira Covered Market on the corner Siccative al-Haley and Rajya Sabha, the bazaar Murashid etc. Well malls and supermarkets are found here at almost every step.

The city is decorated with numerous parks - Jumeirah and Al-Mumzar on the ocean, Mushrif, Creek Side, and Safa, in each of them built independent entertainment complexes. Dubai Zoo is considered the best in the Middle East, and amusement park Uonderlend "- one of the largest in Asia, in it, except the park and water park is still" Spleshlend "(" Land of spray), is also considered one of the largest in Asia . Near the hotel Jumeirah Beach Hotel is a small but superbly equipped water park, Wild Wadi with a beautiful complex of 24 water attractions. Entertainment complex "Magic Planet" and "Area Meetings" contain a variety of attractions and sports facilities, including for children. In Dubai and many other sports facilities: tennis courts, golf club, yacht club, soccer fields, ice rinks, bowling clubs and dive centers (mostly - at the hotel).

In the center of the rock mass Al-Hajjar, geographically belonging to the Emirate of Dubai, Hatta is a mountain resort, located on the territory of which the one of the oldest in Arabia, Juma Mosque and ethnographic spa center around the fortress of the Hutt, surrounded by palm trees and small farms. Particularly impressive is crystal clear mountain air, clear lakes and majestic cliffs.

The Emirate of Sharjah ( "East", Arab.) Located on the shores of the Persian Gulf, separated from the Gulf in Dubai Al-Khan. The capital of the emirate - the city of Sharjah - lies just 13 km. from Dubai. This is the "soft" emirate, in which the most stringent norms of traditional Islam.

City's main attractions are the King Faisal Mosque - one of the largest in the Middle East (holds up to 3 thousand worshipers), an ancient district Meredzha, watch towers along the Gulf coast of Al-Khan, a monument to the Holy Quran, a monument to progress, numerous museums and exhibitions, as well as park Al-Jazeera on the island and the beautiful beaches of the lagoon Khalid.

The city has many museums - the National Heritage Museum, the Museum of art, archaeological and scientific museums, with historical artifacts from Meredzhi have such great historical significance that the city is often called "the museum's treasure UAE. Sharjah is the title of the Architectural Emirates capital "- the new architectural complexes of the urban market and the market of Al-Majar themselves are masterpieces.

As in other emirates, the main point of attraction for tourists - shopping districts of Sharjah: shopping street of Al-Fahd, Jamal Abdul Nasser, the Central Market of Sharjah (Sharjah Souk, Blue Souk), Fish Market, Textile market, gold market in the Yarmouk area, Iran Market Street and King Faisal Road.

Best resort area of the emirate - Korfakkan, located on the shores of the Indian Ocean at the foothills of Al-Hajar. This excellent conditions for a relaxing beach holiday, diving and trips to the oases and palm groves. Interesting bit ancient fortress, a mosque Bitiya (XVII century.), Mineral springs and Masafi Gulfi, the largest in the UAE Dive Center Scuba "in hotel" Oushenik "and many beautiful beaches.

Ajman is only 0,3% of the country and is located 8 km. north of the city of Sharjah and is completely surrounded by the territory of the emirate. This is the only emirate in the territory of which was never found oil, but also known from the ancient time manufacturer of marine vessels and first-class pearls.

The capital of the emirate, the city of Ajman, is the residence of the emir and the focus of major commercial organizations. Places of interest located in the huge fort (XVII cent.) National Historical Museum of Ajman, with a luxurious exhibition of archaeological finds, manuscripts and weapons. Interesting celebrities Ajman shipyard, which is still on the old technologies produce traditional sailing "dou" and the most modern fiberglass vessels. You can also visit a square watch tower, the mosque of Al-Nuami, a track for camel races, beaches, or mineral sources not far from the city.

Emirate of Ras al-Khaimah (the "tip of the tent," Arab. Area of 1700 sq.. Km.) - The most northern and most fertile of the emirates of the country. The capital of the emirate - the city of Ras al-Khaimah, is considered the oldest city in the country - from 695 AD. e. in these areas was the city Dzhulfar (Yulfar) - a prosperous trading center in the past and the largest pearl trading center of the Persian Gulf.

The main difference from the neighboring emirate - lush vegetation and significant water resources. The city of Ras al-Khaimah is divided into two parts of the same name bay. In the western part of the city, the so-called "Old Ras al-Khaimah, interesting dilapidated fort, the old mosque of the coral blocks in Jazirat al-Hamra, the National Museum of the" new "fort (recently renovated), and government agencies today arhitetury, Fort Falayya as well as the old guard towers on the outskirts of the city. In the eastern region of Al-Nahil are the Emir's palace, markets, exhibition center, etc.

But the main attractions of the emirate's spread outside the capital. Thousands of tourists attracted by the hot springs and resort balneological Hutt, as well as the largest old city of the emirate - Digdaga, vast reservoirs among the palm groves in Wadi Azima, tombs and Iron Age settlement in the Wadi al Khawr, and the green foothills of the Hajar.

The Emirate of Umm al-Quwain ( "source of strength", Arab.) Occupies only 1% of the country and differs from the other emirates very rugged coastline. In the capital of the emirate - Umm Al Quwain, three interesting high guard towers and the fort, which today houses the headquarters of the Police Department and the Historical Museum, the old market area with wind towers, beautiful embankment encircles the entire peninsula, the Maritime Research Center , Academy of riding, one of the best tracks in the country for camel races, a huge palm-garden district Falazh Al Mu'ala (Falaj Al-Mulla), sailing club and water park "Drimlend" artificial volcano height of 18 meters and with a full simulation of the eruption as well as numerous water attractions. Worth visiting the excavations of ancient cities of Al-Dur and Tel-Abrak, Blue Island nature reserve with numerous excavations of ancient settlements, and the "bird island" Al-Siyarh.

The Emirate of Fujairah is located on the coast of the Gulf of Oman, right in the heart Hadzharskih mountains. The pride of the emirate are sandy beaches and mountainous headlands, scenic gorges, numerous mineral springs, and greenery, as well as some of the best places in the country for scuba diving at the entrance to the Strait of Hormuz.

The modern city of Fujairah (Fujairah), with wide and spacious streets, stretches along the coast. The city is decorated with numerous fountains and sculptural compositions with traditional Arab motifs, ultra-modern skyscrapers, are much smaller than in the capitals of other emirates, and so he looks much cozier. Here you can see the dilapidated fort of Fujairah (1670) in the "old town", the tower of the Trade Center's (TCT), visit a huge port and free economic zone of Fujairah, the famous Marine Club, and many retail outlets, as well as bullfights, or visit the numerous sea race .

In the vicinity of Fujairah attracts the attention of the Al-Bitiya (1600, 30 km. To the north of the city), the former palace of the Emir of Fujairah - the fortress of Al-Haley (8 km. To the southwest), the most easterly of the fort of the country - al-Bit (1735, 28 km. west of Fujairah), a ruined fort with a small pond and a palm grove in the Wadi Daft, ancient Dibba, the famous "Suq al-Jumaa (Friday's market) on the border of Sharjah and Fujairah as well as three protected areas -- Al Vurraya waterfalls, gardens Ain Al Madhab and hot sulfur springs Ain Al-Gamura.

New, but already very popular entertainment in the UAE - skiing on the sand, the rally car in the desert, spending the night in the camp of nomads and camel trekking. The country has many sports facilities - tennis courts, golf clubs, yacht clubs, soccer fields, ice rinks, bowling clubs and all the possibilities for beach and marine recreation. Every year, the traditional race "dou" and the World race speedboats Formula 1 (October, Fujairah), yachting regatta Dubai - Muscat, traditional camel racing and horse racing in thoroughbred Arab horses, "Dubai Rally and car racing Marlboro Desert Challenge." Very interesting night hunting for crabs and sea fishing from the yacht or boat.


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