UAE Traditional cuisine

UAE The UAE has used traditional and nearly uniform for the Arab cuisine, formed under the influence of special climatic and religious characteristics of the region.

Since Muslims do not eat pork, the meat dishes are used, basically, beef, goat, veal, poultry, fish and eggs. The meat is often fried in hot skillet without fat, which gives it a special taste. It is worth to try lamb with rice and nuts - "Gouzee" barbecue "Tikka", a traditional Arab "Going East" (shaurma, Shavarma), lamb chops with herbs "kustileta, the famous kebab of marinated lamb or beef -" kebab " ram "shish-kebab, meat with spices and rice makbus", a traditional kebab minced meat "jacket", fried meat balls, Kebbi, roast beef platter "Nouv-mushakkal", a kind of pizza, "Rice", stuffed with young mutton pepper and many others, not less original dishes.

Very popular dishes of poultry - chicken stewed with tomato, chicken steamed "al-Mahdi, honey, meat, chicken casserole with" haris "(often the case with beef), rice with chunks of stewed chicken, biryani, Ajaj, kebab chicken "Tikka-dadzhadzh, acute chicken" Judge-Tanura, is revered in the east of quail meat "Samman", etc. As a side dish to this meal using rice and salad with fresh vegetables. In large quantities, while using all kinds of spices and seasonings. Important place on the table and take the thick meat soup with beans and rice, peas, potatoes, capers, etc.
The meal is often accompanied by cakes of coarse wheat flour and meat "KUBBA" or small triangular pies "sambusa with vegetables -" Khoudary, cheese - "dzhabna, meat -" lyahma or spinach - "sabeneh.

Broadest way uses vegetables and herbs - paste "khomus (hummus), hommos bi-Tajin, wheat or corn porridge" burgul, stuffed zucchini "kurzhety, vegetable salad with Arabic bread" fatush, Eggplant Caviar " mutabbal "," tabbulya "- a dish made of wheat and finely chopped greens, cabbage rolls (dolma), grape leaves, uarak-Annabi, soaked white peas" Dahna "figure in all sorts of combinations, as well as marinated and pickled vegetables and seasonings.

In large quantities of food consumed milk products, especially cheese, as well as fish and seafood - "biryani-Samak, a kind of risotto with fish" makbus-Samak, redfish, Hamuro, "Sultan Ibrahim" (sultan or red mullet), "Shaari," Zubaidi, various crustaceans, and even sharks. Fish is traditionally prepared solely on coal.

Very good local desserts - milk pudding "Umm Ali" with raisins and nuts, sweet cream cheese cake with "el-asaya" (or "al-shed"), pudding with pistachios "mehallyabiya", "baklava", donuts and honey "ligemat", "sherbet", a sort of Arabic dessert asyda "etc.

A special type of meal - coffee. This is a traditional drink for conversation, and a special art, which ignored the Arab countries is not worth it. Coffee is prepared "on site", no machines are not recognized in principle, and is poured from traditional pots "Dalla" in small bowl. Varieties of this drink a great many, but the most popular traditional black varieties, as well as light and Arabian coffee with cardamom.


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