UAE Traditions

UAE Religion: Islam, the overwhelming majority - Sunni.

The most popular in the country - the annual Dubai shopping festival (January - February), the largest in the world. During the festival there are plenty of entertainment, fireworks, show, grand lottery, racing and fighting bulls, as well as providing substantial discounts on products and services. During the festival Dubai Summer surprises (end of June - August), a "Week of Wonders", numerous contests and concerts, as well as the indispensable lottery.

A number of exhibitions and seminars focused on business tourism, such as the International Exhibition and Conference for Investments and Real Estate (March), International Exhibition for Education (April), The Middle East International Exhibition of fashion, accessories and leather goods and garments Middle East Exhibition (April) International Spring Fair and the International Middle East Exhibition for Tourism (May), International Trade Fair for Perfumery, cosmetic and body care products (September), the International Furniture and Interior Design Exhibition and Sports (October), an exhibition of computers and peripherals GITEX (the largest the Middle East, October), International Trade Fair for Consumer Goods (timed to coincide with Ramadan), International Trade Fair for Breeding and Airshow (December), etc. Each of them is usually accompanied by a whole set of colorful shows and performances.

January 1 - New Year's.
August 6 - Day of accession to the throne (the anniversary of coming to power, Sheikh Zayed Al Nahyan).
December 2 - Independence Day, National Day of UAE.
In accordance with the Muslim lunar calendar, at different times, are celebrated Eid al-Fitr (Eid al-Fitr, after three or four days after the end of Ramadan, 2 days), Eid al-Adha (Eid al-Chadha, Feast of the Sacrifice, at the 40 th day after Ramadan, 3 days), Laylat al-Mi'raj (Ascension Day of Prophet Mohammed), Milad Al Nabi (Birthday of Prophet Mohammed), Muslim New Year (Hijri), the holy month of Ramadan, etc.

Greet a married woman can not be taken under the arm.
In the house of an Arab can not enter the shoe. If the owner goes ahead of you and enters in the shoe, then this ban is removed.
Arabs of rancor. Revenge is raised to the genus of art. Revenge may be followed by a few decades.
Food and drinks are to be given and take the right hand. If there are no forks, it should be rinsed with water, right hand and take a pinch of food.
It is strictly not recommended to offer local residents alcoholic beverages as gifts or souvenirs.
Can not take place before the prayers. In Ramadan, never eat, drink, smoke, or chew gum on the streets and in public places before sunset. Ramadan - the Muslim month of fasting, and disrespect for tradition can lead to fines and even imprisonment.

In a Muslim country must establish a mutual understanding with a partner. Meeting nichinaetsya with a handshake, but it must always watch your partner's eyes. At the time greeting can not be kept in the other hand, a cigarette or holding a hand in his pocket. The conversation begins with questions about state of health, the health of family members. Citizens of this country do not hurry, do not like risk. Entrepreneurs speak English very well, in the same language is compiled or business documents.


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