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UAE To travel to the UAE citizens of Russia require a visa. Its original is issued at the border. Checkout her to advance through the travel agency or through the "sponsor" (hotel, company or private person entitled to apply for visas). Moreover, the sponsor only helps in obtaining a visa, but does not help with money. Accommodation at the hotel have to pay in advance. No payment, no hotel does not send confirmation of your reservation, which serves as a basis for visa issuance. Documents on this have to do in advance to passport control and airport without entry prohibited. In Dubai visit visa is issued for 60 days (with provision for extension), travel at 30 and a special permit to enter - for 14 days. For each day of stay in the country beyond the period - a fine of $ 28.

Visa and other marks of Israel in your passport can serve as a pretext for refusal of entry.


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