United Kingdom Customs

United Kingdom Import and export of local and foreign currency is unlimited. Allowed duty-free cigarettes - up to 200 pcs. (or cigars - up to 50 pcs. or tobacco - up to 250 gr.) alcohol strength of more than 22% - up to 1 liter. (strength less than 22% - up to 2 liters.) Perfume - up to 50 ml., toilet water - up to 250 ml., souvenirs and gifts - for an amount not exceeding 32 pounds.

The import of drugs, weapons, knives with blades pop-up, fake coins and banknotes of obscene material, meat, poultry and products from them, all kinds of live birds and bird eggs (you can import up to 1 kg. Ready-to-eat poultry or intermediate) , radios, plants. The transit of antiques and antiquities without the permission of the respective organizations, as well as rare species of animals. Importation of drugs is prohibited, except for medicines intended for personal use (a prescription).

Traveling with pets is difficult, because the necessary long-term quarantine.


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