United Kingdom Traditions

United Kingdom As the saying came courtesy of the British. British studiously avoided in colloquial speech of any personal moments, that is all that may seem like an invasion of privacy and steadfast in all that relates to rules, laws and their enforcement. Here they do not permit any indulgence to themselves or to others. Ability to patiently listening, not objecting to it, does not always mean agreement. In conversations at the table is best to avoid topics related to Northern Ireland, the privacy and money. Not accepted on a visit and exchange business cards. By lunchtime, made to dress, it must be other clothes than the one in which you were the day. Also, if you are staying at an English family, will have to change clothes every day, something new. But this is not necessarily an evening dress, clothing can be democratic.

Holidays UK: Queen's Birthday (June), 1 and 2 January, Good Friday, Easter Monday, Christmas Day - December 25 and 26, the first Monday in May and last Monday of August.

The most famous in the world Flower Festival takes place in Chelsea (almost within the precincts of London) in May. The most grandiose and solemn national holiday - Queen's Day, held in London in mid-June. In Edinburgh, every summer (in August) hosts the International Festival of Music and Drama "Fringe" ( "On the Verge"). Enchanting Glastonbury music festival is held among the Welsh hills in June. The grand "Caribbean Carnival" (the largest Caribbean carnival music outside the region) in Notting Hill (London), conducted in late August. Annual international music festival held in July in the town of Llangollen (Wales).

Across the country every day, but are necessarily any competitions for a variety of sports. The most famous - the traditional "Boat Race" universities of Oxford and Cambridge held in London on the River. Thames in late March, the Grand National Cup stipl-chezu (very old and honorable horse competitions in the world) is held in Aintree on the first Saturday of April, the national football championship reaches its climax at London's Wembley Stadium (until October of 2001) in May, the most prestigious tennis events of the planet are at Wimbledon in late June, the Royal Regatta starts in Heynli-on-Thames also in June, but in the end of July being a real yachting extravaganza - Week Kaus-Week - on the island of Isle of Wight .


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