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United Kingdom To enter you must have a passport (validity of which not less than six months) and a visa obtained on the basis of an invitation, and in some cases, demonstrate an ability to pay their expenses. To obtain a visa must provide a passport, an invitation (tourist, private or official), two profiles with photographs, a certificate of employment indicating the positions, dates of employment and annual income, bank statements, previous passport with the visas of different countries and stamps on past trips.

Visa applications can be filed in person or by proxy. All applications are accepted on standard letterhead forms. The application form must be signed personally. Failure to comply may result in denial of admission. Those entering the UK for a trip to visit as tourists, for business, for business, science, sports, art, etc., are classified in the embassy as "guests" and the rules for them alone.

The consular fee for a visitor visa (6 months multiple entry), permission to work up to 6 months, transit and student visa is 50 pounds, for a visitor visa valid for 1 year - 85 pounds for 2 years - 85 pounds for 5 years - 85 pounds. Payment is made only in cash in rubles at the rate of the embassy. Consular fees paid prior to the consideration of visa applications, applications are accepted for consideration only after the introduction. In the case of visa denial or withdrawal of declaration fee is not refundable.

Specific requirements for photographs tacked to the questionnaires. Pin up photos should be from the edge of the stapler so that the staples did not go to the person's face. Questionnaires, on which the photographs pinned so that the bracket is located above the person of the applicant are not considered. The background picture should be bright, to facial features can be easily discerned, and they contrasted with the background. Photos must be clear and of good quality, made in the last 6 months, and must be printed on normal photographic paper. Borderless photo size should be 45 to 35 mm., And the person's face should be fully fit in the picture (not taken the photos taken in hats or other headgear or sunglasses, unless the applicant wears them on religious grounds or for reasons of ethnicity.

To obtain a visa to a child 18 years of age, or making it into a visa to one of his parents, a copy of his birth certificate and notarized authorization to travel from nesleduyuschih with parents. If one parent has died, deprived of parental rights, was missing, and so forth, we need the relevant documents (for example, if the father is divorced from the mother, but not deprived of parental rights and the child did not refuse him need permission). To obtain a visa child single mothers be given appropriate book.

On February 12, 2006 on the visa of children gathering in the UK, put a special mark "Children's visa" of two types:
1. "With accompaniment" - for children traveling with one or two parents (guardians) or other guardian. On the visa states the name and number of accompanying his passport. In the case of two attendants, because of lack of space, indicate only passport numbers. The child can not travel on this visa without an accompanying listed there.
2. "No support" - for children who are allowed to travel alone (this type of visa does not prohibit a child to travel with someone from adults).

If a child is having a visa with such marks, reaches vosemnadtsatiletiya, later his visa will be treated as an ordinary tourist visa.

Citizens of Russia transit visa is not required, subject to the arrival of the aircraft and the availability of the ticket, confirming that within 24 hours of the passenger is traveling to the country in which the visa framed. This visa-free transit is at the discretion of immigration officers of the United Kingdom who are eligible for one reason or another refuse to find a visa at the airport. Therefore recommended in advance a transit visa at the British Embassy. For single transit visa to stay in the country no more than 48 hours, they need a visa of the country of destination (purpose of the trip must be outside the United Korlevstva, Channel Islands, Isle of Man and Republic of Ireland), proof of sufficient financial resources and travel documents to the country stay. For multiple transit visa is required passport and visa to the country of destination, duration of which shall not exceed the duration of a transit visa (6 months). Short out of the airport building is possible.

Since 25 November 2005, British Consulate in Moscow has stopped accepting applications for visas from the population. On April 1, 2006 filing of documents to the embassy through a third-party organization, whose responsibilities will include receiving and verifying documents, entering data into a computer, obtaining consular fees and transfer them to the bank, as well as the delivery of documents in the British Embassy in Moscow and General Consulates in St Petersburg and Yekaterinburg. In the middle time period visas to all private clients will be borne by the consulate of recommended tour operators. However, these measures do not apply to the British Consulate in St. Petersburg and Yekaterinburg, which continue to operate as before.


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