Description Brac, Croatia

Brac - one of the most beautiful islands of Croatia, the third largest island in the Adriatic Sea. The island of Brac is known for its mild climate, beautiful sand and pebble beaches, pine groves and beautiful scenery. The name of the island takes its name from the local brachskogo stone, which are faced with many famous buildings around the world, among them - the palace of Diocletian in Split and the White House in Washington.

The largest population centers - cities Supetar, Puchishche, Bol, Sutivan, Sumartin, Selce and others Supetar is situated in the northern part of the island in front of Split, Puchishche in the north-eastern part, Bol - on the south coast, Sutivan - on the northwest, and Sumartin and Selce - on the east.

From the neighboring islands of Brac is separated marine ducts: from about. Hvar - Hvar channel from about. Solta - Split the strait gate, and from the coast - Brachskim channel.

The island is connected to the mainland by ferry lines Supetar - Split and Sumartin - Makarska. From the city of Bol in Yelsa on about. Hvar walks passenger hydrofoil.

Of particular glory of the island brought the quarries near the town of Puchishche, where it produces white brachsky stone ", is a special snow-white limestone color. From brachskogo stone also made crafts and souvenirs for tourists.

The main occupation of the local population - travel services, fishing, wine, olive oil production, mining and processing brachskogo stone.

The resort Brac many night clubs, discotheques, entertainment centers. Optionally you can visit the tour of the most attractive architectural monuments: Glagolitic stones "Desert Blace and Drohonivu-cave with stone carvings, which are considered highly artistic value.

Brac offers the services of vacationers and visitors of the island and comfortable hotel with comfortable rooms and excellent service. There are many hotels of various classes and cost.


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