Paralia Katerini, Greece

Paralia Katerini, Greece Paralia Katerini (in Greek embankment g.Katerini) - a small modern town, prevrativshiiysya in recent years in a very popular resort in the Aegean Sea. The newest 80-kilometer highway from the airport of Thessaloniki is a path in these regions is not tiring. Paralia Katerini is comfortable and well-groomed sandy beaches, crystal clear waters of the Aegean, full of sea-level ozone and iodine crisp air - a divine aura, reaching the summit of Mount Olympus to the mythical paradise coast.

Paralia Katerini (Katerini Quay ") - holiday village 6 km from the town of Katerini, 70 km from Thessaloniki and 80 km from airport" Macedonia ". It is located in the central region of Pi... Read more


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