Description Nusa Dua, Indonesia

Nusa Dua - is elitist and an exquisite resort for true lovers of exotic holiday. Plush 5-star hotels located along the beautiful beach, high-quality service and majestic palm trees that grow right at the water's edge, creating ideal conditions for an unforgettable vacation. Nusa Dua has very little to do with the real life of Bali, but despite this, every tourist who comes here provides a unique and valuable opportunity to relax like a king.

Nusa Dua is located in the southern part of Bali, just 30 minutes from the airport.

Name of the impeccable resort Bali is translated as "two islands". Nusa Dua tourist complex stretches along the coastal belt mangroves, in the place which now stretch well maintained tropical gardens and beautiful beaches with fine golden sand. This glittering oasis of virginal purity was built specifically in order to pander to the whims of the slightest demanding and sophisticated tourists coming to Bali.

Along the coast lies embankment on which you can walk in the evening, and then go have dinner in one of the many restaurants located right on the beach.

At Nusa Dua awaits a quiet and tranquil vacation. The relaxation process is not disturbed by any excess noise. The attractiveness of this resort is that it represents the whole island is separated from the conventional line park area.

Each hotel Nusa Dua has a gift shop or the retail store, but for a full shopping is better to visit a huge shopping mall "Gallery" ( "Galleria") in the heart of the resort, where you can buy everything - from products from coconuts to the company's products "Reebok". There is also its own supermarket, department and duty free. In addition, the Gallery is the primary stage for Balinese dance show. Free presentation arranged each evening in front of various restaurants.

Residential areas and any companies unrelated to tourism in Nusa Dua places without.

More than a dozen five-star hotels at Nusa Dua can boast of its vast territory, its own beaches, swimming pools, tennis courts, a wide choice of restaurants and bars. However, aside from the main shopping and entertainment complex is difficult to find anything worthy of attention: in Nusa Dua there are no markets, no traditional baliiyskih villages nor stalls with local handicrafts.

The real life Nusa Dua you can feel in Tanzhung Benoa. This is a traditional fishing village disposes a scattering of hotels and plenty of opportunities for water sports.

Almost all hotels of Nusa Dua offers equipment for water sports, but on the coast Tanzhung Benoa prices are lower and range of such services is much broader. Prior to the main surfing center of the resort is easily accessible by boat from the pier with a special mark, which is located south of the hotel Bali Hilton (Nusa Dua).

The best time to surf - from September to March. If you are going to swim in the sea or ride a board on the waves, we can not forget about the ebb, during which the sea retreated hundreds of meters. In every self-respecting hotel has a daily schedule of the tides. Those who like golf "Bali Golf and Country Club" offers a vast field with 18 holes, extending to 3 zones Nusa Dua.


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