Sights Golden Ring, Russia

Sergiev Posad appeared in the XIV century around the pearl of the Orthodox architecture - the Trinity-Sergius Lavra - the richest museum of the country. Here are exhibited church utensils, Russian icon painting, handicrafts. Here, as at the abbey, in the Trinity Cathedral of St. Sergius of stored power Radonezhsky. In Sergiyevskaya Church are former royal palaces, hospital wards and cells. Near the Cathedral of the Assumption - the central cathedral monastery - the tomb of Boris Godunov.

Rostov the Great is known for its famous Kremlin. Here the most important and wealthy temples Russia: Assumption Cathedral, Savior-Yakovlev monastery, Church of Our Savior on the hall, whose walls are decorated with frescoes. In the Kremlin museums displayed objects of decorative and applied art, designs Rostov enamel.

Yaroslavl - an ancient city on the Volga, where the Spassky Monastery, Church of Elijah the Prophet, the Tomb of the Russian princes, female Tolgsky monastery, museums. In museums, a rich collection of icons, church utensils, household items, antique porcelain and paintings.

Suzdal Kremlin also has, as well as 33 churches and 5 convents. The most famous of them - Nativity Cathedral, Bishop's House, Pokrovsky Monastery of the Savior Monastery Efimevsky with unique belfry, the bell that rings over the tomb of Prince Pozharsky.

Vladimir - the pearl of the Golden Ring. The city was founded Kievan Prince Vladimir Monomakh. In Vladimir, more than 100 monuments of architecture. A special place is occupied by the white-stone architecture - the Golden Gate, Uspensky Cathedral, the Cathedral of Saint Demetrius, Rozhdestvensky monastery. In Kostroma worth a visit the oldest building - The Epiphany Cathedral (XVI century.) Bogoyavlensko-Anastasin monastery.


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