Clothes Shanghai, China

Shanghai, China
Among other cultural phenomena that emerged in Shanghai, also be noted Censu - modernized version of the traditional Manchu-Chinese Principle of female dress. Censu first began to be in Shanghai in 1910-ies. These clothes stressed slim women at the bottom of her dress was slit along the legs. The dress is in sharp contrast with the traditional Principle of that hid the shape.

Censu worn together with the western overcoat and scarf, and this image has become a kind of symbol of Shanghai at that time and the entire East Asian modernity in general. Western fashion has changed, those changes impacted on chensame: fashionable included closing the neck, sleeveless dresses, dresses with sleeves in the form of bells and lace black lace along the edge of her dress.

By 1940 years. corsage chensamov were made of transparent black beaded material, including velvet. Later became fashionable plaid fabric. In 1949, together with the revolution ended the era of chensamov and fashion in the usual sense of the word.

However, in the last decade, the fashion industry once again rapidly gaining momentum. In Shanghai, at least once a week is a fashion show. As in architecture, Shanghai designers try to create his own style, based on a synthesis of Western and traditional Chinese motifs.