Transport Shanghai, China

Shanghai, China
Shanghai serve two airports: Hongqiao Airport and Pudong International Airport, the total passenger traffic in China, which yields only airport in Hong Kong.

Shanghai operates the world's first commercial railway line on the magnetic suspension. She, as well as pass through the train's engineers built Germanic Transrapid. Lines owned land speed record in a real operation with passengers - 430 km / hr. It connects the city with the airport of Pudong and overcomes the distance of 30 km in 7 minutes. 21 seconds.

In Shanghai, joined the three railways: Railway Tszinhu (Beijing-Shanghai), passing through Nanjing, Huhan line connecting Shanghai and Hangzhou, as well as line Syaoyun - between Xiaoshan and Ningbo. In Shanghai, there are three stations: Shanghai Railway Station, Shanghai West Railway Station and Shanghai South Railway Station.

Motorway include motorway Tszinhu (Beijing-Shanghai), as well as a network of modern highways around the city. Under construction are 36-kilometer bridge that will connect Shanghai to the industrial zone of Ningbo and will be the longest sea bridge in the world. Also, there are ambitious plans to build a highway from the urban area on the island Chunmin.

Inside the city, many streets are duplicated flyovers, intersecting at different levels, built the inner and outer ring road of the road. Puxi and Pudong connect several tunnels and bridges.