Sights Sabaudia, Italy

Sabaudia, Italy The main attraction of the city is the area of the Commune with a tower height of 46 m, which is stored in the foundation stone Sabaudia with parchment and a few coins of the Italian kingdom.

Very beautiful City Hall, the Church of Annunziata with mosaics, the area of Santa Barbara with magnificent porticos.

Interestingly Post Office building, completely covered with blue mosaic (colors dynasty of Savoy), with enormous windows, framed in red marble cornices.

Despite his young age, in the city there are historical monuments of the Roman era. Emperor Domitian built near these places luxurious villa (96 AD).

During the excavations found a lovely statue of Apollo, stored in a museum in Germany, and the statue of Satyr from inverted flute, stored in the Vatican Museums.


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