Sights Dombay, Russia

The mild climate, abundant sunshine, moderate humidity and a wonderful nature created Dombay deserved fame of the beautiful mountain resort. Blue glaciers and alpine meadows bright carpets, foam waterfalls and turquoise lakes, cliffs and bizarre-sounding streams create a unique look of this corner of our vast country. Dombai - one of the modern recreational centers and sports, climbing, skiing and tourist Mecca of the Greater Caucasus.

Ski season at Dombae lasts from November to May. The southern boundary of Dombey - the Main Caucasian Range and its peak - snow-covered Dzhalovchat (3870 m), a motley Belalakai Pyramid (3851 m), strict needle Ine peak (3409 m), the highest mountain - Dombai-Ulgen ( "The dead bison, 4040 m). Height, the Mussa-Achitara 3012 m.

Currently Dombay meadow runs a tourist complex of 12 hotels. An important element is its cable cars. Lasts for 5 rounds ski tows: 1 turn - 860 m. The length, journey time 8 minutes. 2 part - the length of 1142 meters, journey time 14 min., 3 place - length 581 meters, time 7 min. 4 turn - the length of 1502 meters, journey time 12 min., 5 and foremost - the length of 1700 meters, journey time 17 min., swing-lift: length - 1778 m time - about 8 minutes. (in 2001 opened a new place Yugoslav ski tows with a total length of 2000 m with an intermediate station, the road divides into two sections - 1200 m and 800 m. The total journey time - 12 min.), a network of rope-tow roads (length 200 - 600 meters). The descent from the top of the ridge Mussa-Achitara can be carried out on ten route options of varying degree of slope, complexity and speed that can satisfy the tastes and experienced and beginners. With Dombay clearing hosted many hiking trails.


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