Description Grindelwald, Switzerland

In the heart of Switzerland is this fantastically picturesque mountain resort, the largest in the region Bernese Oberland, 15 minutes drive from Interlaken. One of the most beautiful mountain resorts with lively young atmosphere. The maximum lift point 2,791 m. This area is suitable for both beginners and experienced skiers, ideal for those who like to ride on different slopes, exploring and discovering new and new.

Grindelvald - one of the best alpine resorts, which provided ample opportunities for sports in a large sports complex with an indoor ice rink, swimming pool, tennis court. Tourists waiting for a unique panorama, as well as a range of modern hotels and guesthouses. Along the main street of the town are old chalets, shops, hotels and bars. The hotels are so compact that almost each of them more than 2-5 minutes before the lifts.
Nowhere in the glaciers did not seem nearly as accessible as in Grindelwald, anywhere else there is no sense of closeness with nature and unforgettable experience of the mystical beauty of the Blue Ice Grotto or wild romance Ice Gorge. Throughout the world, called Grindelwald Village glaciers.

Grindelwald live its traditions, famous for its brilliant folk festivals, the quality of the products of mountain livestock, cheese making - and all this in pure nature and incomparable beauty of the surrounding area.

The dominant peaks Grindelwald - Eiger (3970 m), Munich (4099 m) and Jungfrau (4158 meters), facing each other, create a unique panorama. According to a beautiful legend, the monster Eiger wanted to capture the beautiful Jungfrau, but between them stood hero Muench. Riding the Jungfrau Region, part of which is Grindelwald, offers excellent conditions for skiers and snowboarders.

Nature seem to be specially created a huge reserve of unforgettable landscapes, which occur in a harmonious union of steep rocky walls, trim small plateaus and gentle slopes. Grindelwald is also famous for its railway, running along the tunnel to semikilometrovomu located on the glacier of the highest "ski-train" station Europe Aygergletcher.

Mountain glaciers are down almost to the very resort, which creates perfect conditions for winter sports - here is one of the longest skiing seasons in the country. Glaciers of Grindelwald, and have brought glory to another - here you can visit the "Blue ice grotto and exotic Glacier Gorge, a meteorological station and a viewing platform from which to admire the endless panorama of the Alps and the surrounding peaks Eiger (3970 m), Munich (4099 m) and Jungfrau (4158 meters), facing each other.

On their slopes laid 213 km. routes with heights of 1034-2971 m, 47 elevators, among which - the longest in Europe at the gondola Manlihen (2230 m.), 25 km. plain Trail, 8-kilometer route with sledge Bussalpa (1800 m) and high-altitude hiking trails stretching for more than 300 km. On the other side of the valley is an interesting area riding Fest (1050-2500 m). There is a sports center with indoor swimming pool, gym, courts for squash, private rink with artificial ice, plenty of shops, restaurants, tea shops, cafes and bars, there are several night clubs and much more. On the western shore of beautiful lake Brienzersee, almost opposite the Interlaken, Meiringen is a popular resort, known as the place where Sherlock Holmes sank his sworn enemy - Professor Mariarti. The hotel, which allegedly stopped the famous detective, was even named "Sherlock Holmes".


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