Description Carpathian, Ukraine

Karpaty - Heartfulness mountains, the secrets of the greatness of the unique treasures of ecosystems, which are preserved rare specimens of flora and fauna, and anywhere else in Ukraine - folk customs, traditions and legends! This treasure, which is the national wealth of Ukraine, carefully preserved for all its generations.

Carpathian Mountains are located in western Ukraine on the border with Romania, Hungary, Slovakia and Poland. Mountains are located in 4 regions of Ukraine: Lviv, Transcarpathian, Ivano-Frankivsk and Chernivtsi. The region rich in culture, traditions, interesting story.

The region is also conditionally divided into 2 parts - Precarpathia and Transcarpathia. Prykarpattya - is Ivano-Frankivsk and Chernivtsi region, Transcarpathia - or Uzhhorod Transcarpathian region. Part of the Lviv region is also located in the mountains (southern part). Low mountains, of volcanic origin, the average height of about 1200-1400 meters. The highest point is near the village of Yassin and Yablunitsa - Goverla mountain - 2061 meters are located near all dvuhtysyachniki Ukrainian Carpathians - Petros, Chomiak, Pop Ivan.

The entire mountain is densely populated. People are living even on mountain tops, in splendid isolation. Civilization is there, but like anywhere else in Ukraine, survived the ancient traditions. Tourists are not many, such as in the Crimea. This is a very happy, as always pure. From the mountains flowing down many rivers and streams. Some rivers are among the cleanest in Europe. Almost all major rivers - Prut, Cheremosh, Stry - suitable for alloys. The rivers are inhabited by many species of fish, so fishing there is a pleasure. Particular attention should be paid trout. This fish is found only in very clean waters, so it can not find anywhere. Even in the mountains are many beautiful lakes. The most famous - Lake Synevyr recognized the most pure.

On the territory of the Carpathians there are many sources of mineral waters. That is why tourists come here not only for recreation, but also for the treatment of diseases and general health of the organism. Particular attention should be paid to clean the air - after the big cities the difference is very significant. The air there is fresh, with a high content of ozone, with a slight scent of pine needles. Therefore, there are many sanatoriums for treatment of respiratory diseases.

Mountain peaks covered with snow for about 5 months during the year. In nearly every region there are places for skiing - ski resorts, motels are usually located in areas suitable for skiing and snowboarding.


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