Sights Kherson Oblast, Ukraine

According to experts, south of Kherson region, because of its natural properties, can be classed among the best health areas of the world. These are the regions of the Kherson region, located on the Black Sea coast and the mouth of the Dnieper - Skadovsk District (Skadovsk, smt. Azure, pp. Red) Verhnyorogachitski District (Gola wharf, sat Iron Port and the Bolsheviks) and Kalanchatski district (village Khorlo , Seaside and Razdolnoe), also on the coast of the Azov Sea, while bordering on the lake Syvashe (Arabatskaya arrow) - Henichesk District (Genichesk, village Schastlivtsevo and Small, p Genichesk Gorka).

In addition to the Black and Azov seas, water and recreational resources of the area are the lower reaches of the Dnieper (126 km) and Ingulets (180 km) and 19 small rivers, and numerous fresh water, salt and mud lakes, estuaries, Kakhovske Reservoir.

Dozens of islands in the delta of the Dnieper are covered with dense thickets of reeds, grass and trees, are rich in fauna. Journey through numerous channels and sleeves of the river no less exciting than a romantic journey through the Amazon. After walking on "Dnieper" jungle travelers can relax and appreciate the local cuisine at the hostel it. Ostap Cherry (pp. Krynki Tsyurupinsk district) or visiting the village residents Kuzmenko (f. white chest).

For rest and recuperation is recommended to use the many Black Sea-Azov lake. The most famous of them is on the outskirts of the district center Chirnivtsi. Near the salty mud of the lake is located sanatorium Gopri ", known in the nineteenth century.

Between bare Pier and the Black Sea rise Nizhnedneprovsk sand dunes. Overcoming these sandy expanses, endless fields of wheat and sunflowers, Bashtan, you find yourself in a resort area holiday Golopristanskiy area - the village of Iron Port and Bolshevik. Ambient the recreation area only at first glance seems monotonous. Behind the calm landscape - a rich history.

In the area of the village Novochernomore along Tendrovskogo Bay, saline steppe rises group mounds "Fox holes" belonging to the Bronze Age (IV-I millennium BC. E.). Sea Islands Smolenov, Orlov, Babi is the world's largest breeding grounds for black-gulls.

Moving along the coast to the east, you come into the resort area Skadovsk area. This city and village Skadovsk Azure. According to experts, this zone is most favorable for the improvement of children. Swimming season here starts in May (16-20 º C) and ends in late September (16-22 º C).

In the eastern direction from the Azure 27-km-boom had been laid between Xhosa and the island Dzharylgach. His name in translation from Turkic means "island of burnt trees, and in the 15 th century Italian explorer, called it" Isolde Ross "or" Pink Island ". But, be that as it may, today it is - Island of unusual holiday. In summer the water warms up to Gulf Dzharylgachskoe 26-33 º C, it contains a large number of iodine-bromine salts, therefore, has healing properties. The southern coast of the island washed by the sea. Hunting grounds of. Dzharylgach have about a thousand head of deer, fallow deer and mouflon. Lake Island - the favorite place of wild ducks. Hunting enthusiasts can relax in a specialized complex of autonomous water and electricity. Instead islands along the northern Gulf Dzharylgachskoe are numerous B & Bs, holiday homes and health camps for children.

Natural recreation and health resources Skadovski resort are not limited to mild climate. Here were found several sources of mineral water for the spa treatment and internal consumption. Within Skadovsk recreation area opened and explored promising deposits of curative mud.

Rest area Genichesk area is famous, first of all, Arabatskaya arrow. This is a sandy spit stretching between Sivash and Azov Sea. This is a unique place. On one side - 112 km of beautiful beaches with warm sea, where two-meter depth starts with only 200-400 meters from the shore, and the water warms to 30 º C. On the other - Sivash - a unique natural plant gidromineralov. It is believed that the planet is only four such places: Great Salt Lake in the U.S., the Dead Sea in the Middle East, the Gulf of Kara-Bogaz-Gol in the Caspian Sea and Sivash Arabatskaya with an arrow.

Due to the natural evaporation of the salt concentration in sea water then rises to 16 times. In addition to the curative waters at Arabatskaya-wise there are huge reserves of curative mud and brine (oversaturated salt solution). Conclusions about the healing properties Arabatskaya mineral water were made by the Moscow Research Institute of balneology and physiotherapy and the Odessa Institute of Spa in the early 80-ies. It is recommended for the treatment of cardiovascular diseases, central nervous, urinary system, musculoskeletal system, gastro-intestinal tract.

Protected sites, fishing and forest lands are an integral part туристично-recreation complex of Kherson.
Of the three Biosphere Reserves in Ukraine, two are in the Kherson region: the Black Sea and Askania Nova "them. FS Falz-Fein, who are part of nature reserves in the world. Biosphere Reserve "Askania Nova" them. FS Falz-Fein - is about 11 thousand hectares of virgin fescue-feather grass and wormwood steppes famous Dendrological and zoological parks. The total area of the largest in the south of Ukraine - Black Sea Biosphere Reserve. It occupies a vast water area with islands and coastal spits. There are more than 600 species of plants, 300 species of birds and 50 species of mammals.
In the Azov-Sivash public reserve-hunting live deer, roe deer, foxes, ducks, geese and other animals.

Motor ways Kherson - Genichesk, Kherson - Kakhovka, Kherson - Askaniya Nova, Kherson - Skadovsk - Azure - Iron Port are in good condition, have a quality finish. Along the trails - many modern petrol station, fast food, markets, abounding in vegetables, fruits, vinogradom.V Kherson region has all the conditions for the development of scientific and educational, environmental, religious, "green" tourism, festivals, fairs and sporting events.


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