Sights Zaporizhia Oblast, Ukraine

The glory and pride of the Cossacks - Khortitsia island, national park, which is the custodian of the ancient statues and other artifacts.

The earliest primitive people in the river valley of the Dnieper belong to the middle Paleolithic period (100-40 thousand years ago).

Founded in 1770, Alexander became the nucleus of the fortress city of the future. Decree of June 5, 1806 Aleksandrovsk became the county town. In this administrative status, he remained until 1920. In February 1921, Aleksandrovsk received its current associated with the history of the region name - Zaporozhye.

Zaporozhye region today - is not only an original historical value, place of origin of the world's first democratic republic, founded by Zaporizhzhya Cossacks, but also one of the main centers of economic, technological and intellectual potential of Ukraine.

In Zaporozhye many scenic spots and magnificent coastal scenery. Steppe vegetation consists of grasses, and various wild grasses, among which are fescue, tarragon, thyme, feather. The most common species of trees - poplar, locust, elm, maple. Wildlife Land Zaporozhye is typical for the steppes of Southern Ukraine: the birds are nesting of pigeons, swallows, larks, tits, gulls, herons, quail, partridges, wild ducks, pheasants, among the large animals found hares, wild boars, brought to acclimatise deer and roe deer, ubiquitous hamsters, lizards, snakes, snakes, steppe viper.

Home artery area - the Dnipro River. In Dnieper flow Conca, Dairy, Byrd, Gaychur, Upper Ters, Obitochnaya. Dnipro are found in such fish as pike, perch, carp, perch, bream, crucian carp, roach, goby, a divorced Kakhovsky sea carp and grass carp. More frequent meetings with the king of fishermen, fish Dnieper waters - catfish, which reaches a hundred or more kilograms.

In the south area teeming with fish rich, shallow and warm Sea of Azov. The main feature of its northern "Zaporizhzhya" coast - a long sandstone braids, narrow strips that are put forward in a sea of tens of kilometers. Within the Zaporozhye region are Berdyansk, Obitochnaya, Fedotova (with the island Biryuch) braids.


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