Description San Francisco, United States

San Francisco (Spanish: San Francisco) - city and county in California, named in honor of the saint (in Spanish San) Francis of Assisi. San Francisco is located on a hilly peninsula between the Pacific Ocean and the Bay of San Francisco. The city is famous for its Golden Gate Bridge with a span of 1280 m with an area of Junior, a business center of Market Street, the Glass Palace of financial magnates in the streets of Montgomery, the largest in Amerkie Chinese Quarter and worshiping hippies High Asbury.

San Francisco is located on the northern tip of the peninsula of San Francisco and is a central part of the so-called Bay Area San Francisco (born San Franscisco Bay Area).

The structure of the city consists of several islands: Alcatraz, Treasure Island and Yerba Buena. As part of the city also has Feralon uninhabited islands, situated at a distance of 43 kilometers in the Pacific Ocean. It is often said that San Francisco - a square with sides of 7 miles (~ 11 kilometers).

San Francisco has a number of natural features, which give the city an unforgettable flavor. Fog brought by the ocean, a frequent visitor and distinguishing feature of the city. The city is situated on the hills and is famous throughout the world with its indescribable combination of historical and modern architecture.

San Francisco is characterized as a city with high living standards. During the Internet revolution, the city became one of the richest cities in the U.S., thanks to attract highly skilled workers. Many poor areas have experienced 2-nd birth. Downtown has experienced a kind of "renaissance", driven by the restructuring of Embarcadero and South Beach areas and Mishion Bay. Due to numerous modifications and alterations, the city has grown in housing prices, they still remain among the highest in the country. Not a bad income from home has allowed the city to address the development of recreational infrastructure.


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