Language Shanghai, China

Shanghai, China
Most of the population of Shanghai said at the Shanghai dialect of Chinese. There are dialectical differences, however, they are typically very small and do not affect understanding. At the same time, the Chinese, did not speak any of the dialects can not understand almost nothing on Shanghai.

Scope limited to Shanghai oral communication, and the official language is standard Mandarin dialect of Chinese. Modern Shanghai dialect is a result of mixing different dialects uskih Suzhou, Ningbo and other nearby regions, where during the XIX-XX centuries. arrived in Shanghai a large number of immigrants.

To date, almost all shanhaytsy under the age of 50 years, fluent in Mandarin. Foreign languages also depends on the age-groups: the best of English possess mature root shanhaytsy who received education before the revolution, and young people up to age 26, who teaches English to elementary school.