Customs Kyiv and Region, Ukraine

• Import of foreign currency. Upon entering the territory of Ukraine individuals have the right to import any foreign currency, provided it is a written declaration, but not more than 10 thousand dollars. Amounts in excess of 10 thousand dollars, you can import only with permission of the National Bank of Ukraine.

• Import of jewelry. Personal valuables are subject to compulsory declaration.

• Import cameras. To claim or not to declare the presence of your camera or camcorder - your own business, here strict rules do not exist. But the best is yet to be done.

• Importation of personal vehicles. Sleeper may be on the territory of Ukraine 2 months, paying customs duty on the border.

• Import of mobile phones. Permitted temporary import to Ukraine of single copies of mobile phones, the standards are allowed in the Ukraine (GSM 900, GSM 1800, NMT).

• The export of souvenirs. In works of art, cultural and historical values and other items that represent a significant artistic and historical value, it is necessary to obtain approval in the department of the State Service of Control of movement of cultural property across the state border of Ukraine. If "minor" cultural values - enough to have a check shop, art galleries, where the purchase was made.

• Removal of foreign currency. Permission is granted to export from Ukraine under the condition of oral declaration of foreign currency in cash up to $ 1000 U.S. dollars. Subject to the mandatory written declaration of non-residents of Ukraine may withdraw an amount not exceeding the equivalent of U.S. $ 5000 (with a declaration on the import of currency).

• Import / export of alcoholic beverages. In Ukraine be permitted to bring beverages liter, two liters of wine and 5 liters of beer per person. Restrictions on the export of alcohol from Ukraine not, but one should bear in mind the restrictions on the importation of alcohol in Russia.


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