Sights Kyiv and Region, Ukraine

Modern Kiev is the economic, cultural, spiritual and social center of Ukraine. It is the capital, with all its charms, recreational areas, museums, sights and culture. After the reconstruction of the capital combines all the features of all his history: past, present and future. This ancient church, and the famous house "Stalin, the Soviet Union era and the new trends in the modern world. And brightens all this cultural richness of Kiev trees, parks, gardens - because Kiev is the most green capital of the world.

Gardens and parks on the Dnieper
The most comfortable seats of the city. Along the green slopes of the Dnieper stretched Vladimirskaya Gorka, Groin Park, City Garden, the Mariinsky Park, Park Askold's Grave ", park of Eternal Glory, Botanical Gardens.

House with chimeras "
The most unusual apartment building. Generation of the irrepressible imagination of the architect of the romantic and passionate hunter, Vladislav Gorodetsky, who splashed out on the facade of his house a world created by the creative imagination.

Sophia Cathedral
The most famous and majestic cathedral among the ancient churches of Eastern Europe, the world-famous masterpiece of architecture, fresco painting and mosaic art.

Kiev-Pechersk Lavra
The holiest place among European Orthodox shrines. Architecture and Art Museum Complex and the town is connected with the buried relics of God's saints of the Middle and Far caves.

Vladimirsky Cathedral
The most outstanding complex of sacral art in the late XIX. The paintings in the cathedral - a work of remarkable artists V. Vasnetsov, M. Nesterova, M. Vrubel and others - have had a significant impact on domestic and European art.

Ensemble Kreshchatik
The most grandiose architectural ensemble of the Soviet era. Ul, which was erased in the ashes of war and was reborn as a solemn chord of beauty and optimism.

Andrew's Descent
The most picturesque street. Amazing scenery, incomparable Andrew's Church, a sort of "Castle of Richard the Lion Heart", Bulgakov relics and brisk sales of souvenirs and art.


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