Andorra Customs

Andorra Import and export of currency is not limited. The import of drugs and narcotic drugs, arms and ammunition without the appropriate permits. Allowed duty-free export no more than 1 kg. coffee, up to 200 gr. tea, no more than 4 kg. cheese, not more than 5 kg. confectionery, up to 75 oz. spirits and 375 ml. cologne and alcohol: over 22% - up to 1.5 liters., up to 22% - up to 3 liters., table wine - up to 5 liters., up to 300 cigarettes or 150 cigars or 75 thin thick cigars and 400 grams. tobacco. Other goods are imported at a cost of just over 504 euros per adult and 259 euros per child.

Prohibited export without special permission from subjects and objects of historic or artistic value. Veterinary and Agronomic control over the border quite hard.


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