Andorra Transport

Andorra Due to the complete absence of the railway system and its own airfields, all transportation in the country are carried out only by car. Regular buses cover practically the entire territory of Andorra, all of its towns and mountain resorts, and in most cases, the final station routes are located directly at the lift station. Special bus routes, Ski Bus, running every 15-20 minutes. from lifts to nearby cities and back. Ticket price (one way) on the shuttle routes - about $ 4, "Ski Bus" - about $ 2. Bus lines operate from 9.00 to 18.30 on schedule 1 flight to 1,5 hours. From the ski stations in the center of the last buses depart at 18.30. Ski lifts and cable cars operate on the schedule set by the administration of the resort, but usually to 17.00.

The traffic regulations are no different from those adopted in Western Europe, only if the points you should always bring a spare pair. Andorra are very disciplined and law-abiding drivers, but, nevertheless, often do not observe speed limits and rules for overtaking.

Taxis operate only within the city limits or to the lift station. Taxi is best to call on the phone, but the waiting period is usually more than 1 hour. Average cost of hiring a taxi - $ 5 (per car), ski lifts - $ 20 (per car). Tipping is not required, but welcome.

Rent a car you must have a credit card and international driving license. The rent usually includes the cost of gasoline, but includes insurance (the insurance policy must always be with me).


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