Andorra Traditions

Andorra Most people - Catholics. Because of the historical traditions of the Roman Catholic Church in the country has very great influence.

Official holidays and weekends

January 1 - New Year (considered a working day).
January 6 - Epiphany.
March 14 - Constitution Day.
April - Good Friday and Easter Monday.
May 1 - Labor Day.
June 1 - Ascension.
June 12 - Pentecost.
June 24 - Day of St. John, the patron saint of Andorra.
The first Saturday of August - Andorra la Vella.
August 15 - Assumption.
September 8 - Day of Andorra, the main state holiday.
November 1 - All Saints Day.
November 4 - Day of St. Charles Borromean, the patron saint of Andorra.
December 8 - Day of the Immaculate Conception.
December 21 - Day of St. Thomas.
December 24-26 - Christmas.

Festivals and holidays
This annual international festival of classical music and jazz. However, it is only about entertainment, not contrary to Catholic morality, which brought up the vast majority of subjects principality.

Here the great variety of public concerts, general and local (in almost every village held a festival) celebrations with music and folk dances. The most popular among tourists National Festival "Mare de Dieu de Meritsel" - a national festival of the Virgin Mary, held on September 8 Meritsele (7 km. North-east of the capital), and numerous "village festivals, a whole string of which is held in from July to September.

Each year, the first Saturday in August, near the Plaza La Pobla held a grand three-day festival in honor of the holiday Andorra la Vella. During the New Year and Christmas holidays in Encamp held colorful children's holidays.


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