Egypt Clothes

Egypt At the hotel you can wear at their discretion, but staying in the city, remember that Egypt - an Islamic country, people here are religious, traditions - Puritan. Should respect local traditions, because you still have them on a visit. Bare shoulders and mini skirts are not appropriate for street walking.

True Muslims do not drink alcoholic beverages, although usually not object when others do it. Not taken photographs of local residents without their permission, to criticize Islam, there is smoke on the street. Do not go to the Sunday bazaars alone, they are considered the crime zone.

No matter in what hotels in Sharm you relax, keep in mind that to enter into the sea you need special shoes, which can be purchased at any store in Egypt. She invited all sizes and colors and cost ranges from 8 to 20 dollars. In Hurghada, such footwear is not needed, since near shore coral there, and there is no danger, damage or injure the feet.


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