Thailand Customs

Thailand Import and export of imported foreign currency is not limited (the declaration of more than $ 10 000). Permit the withdrawal of national currencies in an amount not more than 50 thousand baht, or 500 thousand, if a tourist or taets sent to the neighboring (adjacent) with Thailand the country. Large sums are taken only by special permission.

Duty-free import items for personal use, a photo, video or movie camera (with a camera can bring in up to 5 films, with a camera - up to 3 tapes), cigarettes - 200 pcs. (or 250 gr. tobacco), up to 1 liter. wine or spirits. The import of drugs, weapons (without permission from the police), and pornography. Who bring drugs, sentenced to death!

Prohibited the export of gold bullion, Buddha images (except the neck medallions), rough gemstones, ivory, and any products from the skin and bones of endangered animals, as well as stamps and antiques (requires permission of the Department of Fine Arts "Fine Arts Department").

Customs control is mandatory for all, including those for diplomats. When departure from the country charged airport tax - 500 baht per person (often already included in the ticket price).


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