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Thailand Thailand - a tropical nature, warm sea, stunning landscapes and amazing monuments of Buddhist architecture. The country has exclusive exotic to decorate your holiday. Mysterious Siam, the country thousands of temples and smiles, the most popular places to rest millions of tourists from all continents. Thailand will surprise and win you over by majestic mountains, clean rivers, impenetrable jungles, exotic animals and plants, wonderful Thai cuisine, a highly revered by local custom and the special atmosphere of fun, carefree, universal love of peace and joy ...

Thailand lies in Southeast Asia, the west and north of the Indochina Peninsula, Malacca. Thailand borders with Cambodia and Laos to the east and north-east with Myanmar in the north-west and west, with Malaysia to the south. In the north and west stretch of the mountain (the highest point - city Inhtanon, 2576 m.), in the east - a vast sandstone plateau of Korat, the central area of the country is a vast Menamskaya lowlands and the southern part of the country - the low plains to the island relict mountains and ridges. The country is (the islands) 517 thousand square meters. km.

The capital of Bangkok.


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