Austria Traditions

Austria About 78% of the population are Catholics, 5% - Protestant 2% - Muslims 12% - are atheists.

Official holidays and weekends Austria
January 1 - New Year
January 6 - Epiphany, the day of the Three Saints
May 1 - Labor Day, Easter Monday
August 15 - Assumption, Ascension and Whit Monday
October 26 - National holiday of the Republic of Austria
November 1 - All Saints Day
December 8 - Conception of the Virgin Mary
December 25 - Christmas
December 26 - St. Stephen's Day

Festivals and holidays
The number of celebrations and festivities is huge, and most of them in one way or another connected with the musical and cultural events of the country.

Days are held in Vienna, Haydn (early March), Days of Spiritual Music (early March - mid April), the Vienna Festival (May - June), Viennese musical summer (mid June - mid September), the International Youth Music Festival (July), Festival Spektakulum "(July), Days of Schubert (November), operetta festival in Baden (end of June - mid September), etc.

Other cities
In Innsbruck - Ambras Palace Concerts (mid-June - early August) and the Early Music Festival (the second half of August). In Salzburg - Mozart Week (last week of January), Easter Festival, Salzburg Festival on the Trinity, concerts at the fortress Hohensalzburg (Easter - end October), concerts in the Mirabell Palace (all year), the Salzburg Marionette Theater (all year), Salzburg Festival ( end of July - end August), Culture Days in Salzburg (October), Vienna Imperial Orchestra (December), and Mozart's music festivals.
Eisenstadt - International Days of Haydn (mid September), concerts by Haydn at Esterhazy Palace (mid September - early October). In Graz - Shtiriada "(June-July), Festival" Autumn in Styria "(end of September - end of October), concerts in the palace Eggenberg (May-September), etc.
Linz - International Bruknerovsky Festival (mid September - early October), an exhibition of Ars-Electronics (mid September) and others Merbishe - Lake Festival (July-August, on Saturdays and Sundays). Austrian Grand Prix on the Formula 1 car racing is held at the circuit A1-Ring in Spielberg in May-July.


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