Czech Republic Traditions

Czech Republic Most believers in the Czech Republic belong to the Roman Catholic Church.

The Jewish minority, is now slowly recovering after the Second World War because of the influx from abroad.

In Prague, as many Americans, which the city is "Paris of the turn of the millennium". They form their own colony, with a particular American lifestyle.

Czech Holidays:
• 1 January New Year
• date fickle Easter Monday
• May 1 Labor Day
• May 8 state holiday - Victory Day (1945)
• On July 5 National holiday - Day of Slavonic preachers Cyril and Methodius
• July 6 State holiday Jan Hus
• Oct. 28 State Holiday - Day of the base of independent Czechoslovak State (1918)
• December 24 Christmas
• 25 December 1 and Christmas Eve celebration
• 26 December 2 Christmas celebration

We also note some holidays and festivals in Prague and other cities.
• January Prague Winter. The first week of the year declared the festival week of culture.
• February Mateyskaya Fair in Exhibitions
• March - April Easter Festival of Chamber Music in the monastery of St. Agnes. Big Spring prize. Horse Racing at the Prague racetrack.
• May - June Prague Spring. The cultural event of the year - with outstanding foreign orchestras and soloists.
• July Festival of brass music. Three day parade of brass bands in Kolin (about 40 miles east of Prague).
• September is Prague. Music festival in the Smetana Hall.
• October Grand Pardubice steeplechase. Most difficult hurdles in Europe, held in Pardubice (about 100 km east of Prague).
• November - December International Jazz Festival.


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