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Italy Visa to Italy is a Schengen, as Italy is one of the 15 countries that signed the Schengen agreement, getting it, you can freely visit all Schengen states.

Documents for visa
• Valid passport (valid for at least 3 months after the expiry of visas).
• The second valid passport (if available). It is also desirable to give the old (canceled) passport containing a visa or even a photocopy of his
• Copies of all pages of Russia's internal passport (copy must be of high quality, fuzzy, or fax a copy of the embassy are not accepted).
• 2 photos (color, matte, good quality, made recently, on a light background, size - 3,5 × 4,5 cm
• A completed visa application form.
• Employment certificate (required on company letterhead), indicating the positions, salary (preferably from 15 000 rubles) and the date of enrollment to the post.
• Financial guarantees - are welcome, but optional.

List of additional documents for visa on your invitation
• Financial guarantee - an extract from the account, or Traveler's checks in the amount of 50 euros per day for the first entry - Required
• Business invitation on company letterhead in original passport data indicating the invited person, the dates and purposes of travel, the transfer of guarantees, which is firm
• Photocopy the first page of the passport, have signed invitation
• We highly recommend the hotel to the entrance of the first (available by fax) or phrase in the invitation that booked hotel with an indication of the hotel phone
• Extract from the Chamber of Commerce no later than three months (can be faxed)
• A ticket or booking a ticket - not necessarily
• Health insurance

Visa fee (Tourism, Business, Treatment, sports competitions, official invitation, private enterprise, employment, religious purposes, transport, transit) - 35 euros.


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