Italy Traditions

Italy Holidays and weekends: January 1 - New Year, January 6 - Baptism and the Adoration of the Magi, 13-24 February - Carnival time, April - May - Easter (date varies), April 25 - the day of liberation from fascism, 1 May -- Labor, June 2 - Republic Day, 15 August - Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary November 1 - All Saints' Day, December 8 - Day of the Immaculate Virgin Mary, December 25 - Christmas Day, December 26 - St. Stephen's Day. In addition, in many areas and cities are marked local celebrations. At Christmas and New Year, and in July and August - the so-called period of "Ferragosto" - many companies and agencies to stop work and closed for the holidays.

Receipts, bills and checks in restaurants, hotels, campgrounds, shops and other service areas should be preserved, since the tax office may conduct an audit, for example, when the store or on leaving the country in respect of certain luxury goods. So everywhere should demand invoicing.

Standards of personal safety. When walking is strongly encouraged to leave expensive chains, necklaces and bracelets in a safe room, wearing a bag over his shoulder and be particularly attentive to the storage of cash. When driving a car you have to remember that in Italy, especially in the southern part of the country, a lot of undisciplined drivers.

The predominant religion is Catholicism. Almost all the planned trips involve visits to temples, the entrance to which is prohibited in shorts and miniskirts, bare chest, shoulders and back.

If you took the bar, for example, coffee at the bar and there is his drink, you pay the value of coffee. If you ever sit down for a moment on your coffee table in the bar, you will have to pay more and RESTAURANT COLLECTION, which is almost double the cost of your coffee.
Please do not leave money, valuables in the hotel room. The hotel is only responsible for things that you left in the individual safe (in room or in the Reception). Can not leave things in the rented car, parked on the carriageway. Do not carry large sums of money in their pockets, be vigilant in gathering places of the people. Handbags wear so that they could not disrupt the shoulder hooligans on motorcycles. Passport and ticket store in the hotel, and just in case they make a photocopy, which store in a suitcase. Beware of entering into any relationship with the gypsies.

National characteristics: Italians expansive, passionate, impulsive, distinguished by their great sociability. Appreciate their interest in Italy as a country which is the ancestor of many kinds of arts and crafts. Respect and knowledge in this area always makes a favorable impression. Spirits drink often, even the famous Italian grappa is not revered in his homeland. Traditionalist Italians prefer not to drink, even beer, usually use the local wine, which is an essential attribute of every meal. Lengthy toast not accepted, and before you drink, pronounced "Chin-Chin. As Italian businessmen, they attach great importance to the negotiations were conducted between people occupying roughly equal position in the business world and society. In order to establish business relations rather an exchange of letters with suggestions. Not uncommon, when establishing business contacts use the services of intermediaries, the institute is constantly expanding. Equally important to the business community have informal relationships with partners, including in off-duty time.


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