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Italy The Italians quickly you will be told that such a thing as "Italian cuisine" in principle does not exist. Probably every city and every region has its own distinct cuisine. In the north you try risotto, polenta and all sorts of cream and sauces, which do not meet in the south. South regale you with more spicy food, the original version of pizza and mozzarella - is in Naples. Always try to taste specialties of each region, since they are often not available in the menu of other cities. For example, from Tuscany nobody would go not tasted meat pheasant (fagiano), wild boar (cinghiale) or truffles (tartufi). You will not be able to visit Genoa not tasting the batter, which has traditionally used a mixture of pasta, potatoes and green beans. Roman food - it dishes such as spaghetti carbonara, bucatini all'amatriciana (pasta with spicy tomato sauce and bacon) and trippa (minced meat), which, being well prepared simply delicious. Many tourists are already familiar with the famous spicy smoked Parma ham di Parma and Parmesan cheese. Lovers of spicy food should try something in Reggio di Calabria, which serves special ultragoryachuyu salami - salsiccia piccante. Sicily - the birthplace of Italian pasta and ice cream, mixed in a culinary traditions of many different cultures, which were once on the island. Overall, Italian chefs continue to keep the brand and can easily make you a real masterpiece.

In Italy there are three categories of restaurants: from the most expensive to the cheapest - a ristorante, trattoria (more than a simple kitchen and interior) and osteria. Try the food in each category, because it is cheap does not mean that it is bad, and each institution has its own unique atmosphere. To eat like the Italians have breakfast in the morning (coffee with whipped cream or espresso and pastries) in the nearest café, a normal breakfast at about 13:00 and at home, as well as the restaurants at this time yaobedenny break and full lunch is almost at night (often before 20.00, or 21:00). For a light snack between main meals, take a look at the cafe, where you can have something to drink and eat a panini (sandwich).

Wines. In Italy, more cultivated varieties of grapes and produced more wine (almost a fifth of world production) than in other countries. Camymi popular wines are: "Trebiano" - a strong yellow wine with a fruity flavor, served with a light vegetarian dishes; San Dzhoveze "- made from grapes, San Dzhoveze, saturated ruby color, dry, with excellent flavor. Served with meat dishes and hard cheeses; "Canina" - bright red, sweet wine. Served to dessert, a perfect match with the Roman baking "chiambella" (Ciambella); "Alba" - sweet yellow wine with a characteristic bouquet. Also worth a try "Chianti Classico", "Lambusko. In Rome the popular "Frascati" in Venice - "Pinot Grigio" or "Bianco", in Florence - Chianti, Brunello and Vernaccia.


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