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Italy The bus is the main mode of urban transport in Italy. Ticket price average of $ 0,7 to $ 0,88.

Rome Tickets for buses and streetcars are $ 0.7 and are valid for two trips within 90 minutes. Drivers of buses, except for night flights, tickets are not served. Tickets should be punched, the punch mark is determined by the beginning of the ticket.

Milan tickets on the bus or tram costs $ 0.7 and is valid for unlimited travel for 75 minutes after the first landing. A travel on all modes of transport costs $ 2.47 - for one day, $ 5.95 - for a week.

Florence only type of public transport - buses. Tickets - $ 0,7 per hour, $ 0,88 - 2 hours, $ 2.94-24-hour travel.

Venice In this city there are no roads suitable for cars, so no cars. The only means of public transport - river buses. A ticket for one trip on the route number 1 is - $ 1.47, on the other routes - $ 2.06. 24-hour travel costs $ 8.24.

Car Rentals
Get car rental can be in one indispensable condition - if a credit card and international driving license. Agreements have been concluded, ask the manager to explain in detail each item you onogo, especially the section "Coverage. Rent a modest cars a day will cost you at least $ 90. Than longer you rent a car, the lower the daily cost. Italians are very accurately observe traffic rules, so if you decide to take a car, pay attention to the signs along the road and signs on the roads, which also refer to those or other acts of the driver on the road.


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