United Kingdom Traditional cuisine

United Kingdom For English cuisine is characterized by fairly conservative cooking with little use of sauces and hot spices. Very popular fish and vegetable dishes, and fried in a different form of meat. The national drink - tea, drink it is usually with milk and sugar. Several different from the English Welsh (Wales) and Scottish cuisine - a "hot" and spicy. It is recommended to try the lamb chops with a sauce of lemon, coriander, yogurt and mint, the famous British steaks and steaks, a variety of smoked fish, hot pancakes with butter and rich cakes and, of course, countless types of puddings. Especially good muffins, cakes, biscuits and saffron buns.

Alcoholic drinks are also quite traditional - beer, whiskey and gin all types, as well as the famous ale and cider (not what is understood under this name on the continent - English cider is very strong!).


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