Cuba Traditions

Cuba Main religion: Roman Catholicism, distributed various African religions.

1-2 January - Liberation Day (victory of the Cuban revolution in 1959).
1 May - International Workers Day, Labor Day.
July 26 - Day of National Rebellion (the attack on the Moncada barracks in Santiago de Cuba, 25 and 27 July are also public holidays).
October 10 - anniversary of the war for independence from Spanish rule, the Day of Cuban Culture.
December 25 - Christmas.

Famous February's carnivals, almost canceled in 1990 because of the difficult economic situation, today revived in Havana, Varadero San Juan de los Remedios and Santiago de Cuba (24-26 July). Once every 2 years in Havana is an international festival Guitars (May). One of the most interesting developments of the capital - "Karosas" ( "Carnival of chariots), when the 3 summer evenings in a row on a fantastic ride around Havana, mobile staging area, held marches, komparsas (foot ensembles) and munekones (large dolls), numerous carnivals and musical performances. Also, every Saturday in summer in the capital are "periphery" - erasochnye fair crafts. Festival of Caribbean Culture, held in June and July. The most famous festival of the country - International Festival of Latin American Cinema (December). Every two years (February) conducted the Havana International Jazz Festival. At the end of February in the capital city hosts the International Festival of Cuban cigars, and pass the Havana International Theater Festival (every 2 years, September) and the Havana Festival of Contemporary Music (Sound Festival, October).

Culture Days held in Kamagneyane in the first two weeks of February, and in Baracoa Cultural Week held in April. Interesting Electroacoustic Music Festival in Varadero (April) and the popular festival "Romero de Mayo ('s May Fair) in Holguin (first week of May). In October, the Feast of Holguin is the Spanish-American culture. In late June, Trinidad takes "Fiestas Sanhuaneras" (Feast of St. Juan), and in late November - "Semana de la Culture-Trinitarian" (week of culture Trinitarians).

Photograph military equipment, military and industrial companies is strictly prohibited. Refrain from giving alms or charity to children and beggars in the street. Cubans forbidden to beg, and plainclothes police in patrolling the majority of tourist facilities, so this may lead begging for alms in prison.


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