Australia Customs

Australia In a country can not import food. It is forbidden to import drugs, steroid drugs, weapons and armor, protected plants, animals and products from them. Any animals, food, plants and their products must be declared and be subject to quarantine control. Restrictions on the import / export to Australia of any exchange in any amounts not exist.

When importing cash currency exceeding the amount equivalent to 5 000 Australian dollars, they should specify in the declaration. This rule does not apply to the Traveler's checks and credit cards. Travelers over 16 years of age may bring into the country duty-free alcoholic beverages - up to 1 liter, tobacco - up to 250 grams.

In Australia, the most vigilant quarantine service. On arrival at the airport, you and your luggage can be sprayed with disinfectant, which is approved by WHO. Penalty for deliberate passage of banned products ranging from 32 to 5 794 dollars, or up to 5 years in prison. When leaving the country every passenger over 12 years, pays taxes 27 Australian dollars.


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