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Australia Deposits are issued in the period up to three weeks. To obtain a visa must provide a passport, 1 application form with photograph, an invitation - a private, tourist and service, help with the work, indicating the positions, experience, total monthly income, medical insurance for the duration of residence, proof of creditworthiness (documents, indicating the presence of the applicant's property), the declaration on the export of currency and, if you follow the children, notarized consent of the other parent for the export of children. Unlike the private and the tourist, a trip with children for the rank of the invitation is difficult.

Typical length of stay in the country on tourist invitation - up to two weeks, according to the private - up to one month, for the rank - up to three months. Private and tourist invitation can only issue a one-time visa for employment opportunities issuing multiple visa for multiple entries into the country within a specified period. Consular fee is $ 35.


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