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Greece Greece - a country of islands, so widely developed ferry. To get to the island can be on a plane (more than 20 airports) or on the speedboat. On the mainland rail network is virtually absent, you can travel on buses.
In a taxi in the city is paid on the counter, but if you will drive to the suburbs, it is recommended to negotiate with the driver about the price, because at a certain distance from the center of tax changes. In the night hours (22.00 - 07.00) fare increases.

Traveling at a rental car is easy and pleasant. Rent a car is made with a credit card (you can substitute collateral), passport (21 years) and international driver's license sample (experience not less than 1 year). If you plan to move within the country for cargo ferries, preferably made aware of this company to rent a car - in some cases may need special authorization. Rental price - from 30 euros per day.


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