Greece Traditional cuisine

Greece Greek cuisine is characterized by widespread use of lemons, walnuts, raisins, olive oil, mutton, fish, garlic, tomatoes and a large number of acute mixtures. Very popular in the Greek meat dishes cooked on a spit, dolmates (such as stuffed cabbage in grape leaves), whitefish, whitefish (type cheburek), Allan (drink made of yogurt), sweet dishes.

Of the large number of Greek cuisine are most popular: barbuni - saltwater fish; horiatiki salad - vegetable salad with slices of cheese; domates gemistes - roasted tomatoes stuffed with rice and meat, gardes - shrimp, lobster, kalamarakia - squid; melitsanes - eggplant, pastis -- pudding or souffles to pasta, souvlaki - born kebab, pieces of meat on a spit; taramosalata - salad with fish roe. Wine - the most common drink in Greece. Well-known white wines: "Demestika", "Kambas," Pallini "and" Santa Elena ", red:" Mavrodafni and Demestika. The most famous spirits - "Ouzo" with aniseed flavor, strong "Cancer" and treated with resin mastic tree mastic. Of the many brands of cognac - the most famous is "Metaxa". And, of course, Greek coffee. This strong black coffee, which is served in small cups, together with a glass of clean water. It is called: glikos (very sweet) metrios (middle), sketos (without sugar).


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